Email Security for your Gigahosta Email Account

If you're constantly getting spam mail, you're at risk for IT network threats. Get full protection against these threats by getting a professional Incoming Filter solution.

Block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox

Incoming email filtering gives you all these benefits...

Incoming email filtering gives you the benefits of blocking nearly 100% of viruses, malware, and spam before they ever reach your inbox. The extensive control panel allows you to remain in full control. In case your email server is down, your email will be queued. Queued email can be accessed, read, and replied to via the web interface, adding to your inbound email continuity.
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If your organization is getting hit with phishing emails, other phishing attempts or full blown targeted phishing attacks, spear phishing campaigns, spam email or other email attacks then you need spam experts email filtering service to avoid any data breaches and reduce the risk of any employees revealing any sensitive information to malicious actors.

With email protection you'll be able to setup an email security solution that will filter inbound and outbound spam or other malicious email. Don't allow any of your businesses sensitive data to be compromised and save more of your time with our spam filter. Block email threats, reduce email traffic, and ensure that your email accounts are safe and secure. With a global threat intelligence your email filtering service will ensure your business email isn't compromised. In addition to this you can setup email encryption, email backups and more.


Will I be locked into a contract?

No! Of course not. All our hosting packages are a pay as you go service - which means you can cancel when you no longer need it. Cancellation is a one click process - and we will stop billing instantly once you request it.

I already own a domain name. Can I bring it?

Yes - it is simple to link your domain to GigaHosta's servers. We can help with registrar specific details, or you can do it yourself. If you prefer you can transfer your domain to GigaHosta which will make things simpler - keeping everything in one place.

What payment options do you have?

We accept all major currencies, and all major credit cards. Simply click the currency code next to any product to change currencies. You can also set your own billing cycle - choose from every yearly or monthly options.

Can I transfer my current website to GigaHosta?

Certainly - and if you are with another provider using cPanel let us know as we can help you out for free. If you are using alternative software - such as Plesk, or your own custom server, we can still help.

Can I host more than one website?

Yep - using addon domains through cPanel you can host multiple websites on one account. If you run out of space you can always upgrade your plan.

Where are your servers located?

Our cPanel hosting packages are available hosted on servers in the US.

How does the backup process work?

We backup everything - your entire cPanel account. This includes websites, databases, files and all other settings. Backups run once a week and are stored for up to three months.

Can I upgrade my account easily if I grow?

Not a problem - you can upgrade your service within the client area or simply open a support ticket and our team will upgrade, or downgrade, your plan to the plan of your choice.

What if I need help?

Our 24/7 support team is available to help you with any hosting or domain name related issues.

I'd like to try a month - do you have any offers?

Simply use the coupon 'cswh1' to buy any cheap web hosting package for just $1 for the first month. Coupon may expire.

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